> Lil Wayne ft Olamide: Are we missing out on something?

Lil Wayne ft Olamide: Are we missing out on something?

Popular rapper Olamide Adedeji popularly known by his stage name 'Olamide' has become more unpredictable recently. Although the artiste has been known over the past one decade of his relevance in the entertainment industry to be very secretive as all his personal life affairs are all kept away from the public to the best of the rapper's ability.  Recently, there came a subtle confirmation of Olamide's wedding with his long time girlfriend, Aisha. After the latter was noticed to have changed her last name to Adedeji on Instagram. 
The rapper also surprised us with the release of his 999EP which no one saw coming 24hours prior to its release. This is another indication of the rapper's secretiveness. 
The most suspicious part is the rapper switching his rap language completely to English which was very unusual of him as he's a renowned hardcore Yoruba rapper. A closer observation of the rapper's style of rapping reveals a similarity with Lil Wayne's in his album Carter V. You need to listen to Demon and Rich & Famous and you'll understand the rapper might be cooking up a surprise already as this album (those two tracks in particular) might be preparatory works to prepare us ahead of the alleged big collaboration with the American rapper which may be on its way already (you can't predict Olamide). As Baddo's die hard fan, I can't wait to see the two rap lords working together and give us an evergreen banger in the rap industry.

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